Tweet Eats: The Alchemist, New York Street

I'm slowly working my way around the different restaurants and bars in Manchester, and a couple of weeks ago I visited The Alchemist on New York Street with my friend Clare. We hadn't caught up for ages so it seemed like the perfect excuse to indulge in a few cocktails and way too much food on a school night!

Despite living in Manchester for 5 years, I'd never actually eaten in The Alchemist before so when they invited me in to taste the menu, I couldn't book a table fast enough. I'd heard so many good things about the scientific cocktails and comfort food so it would have been rude not to try a little bit of everything...

The cocktails lived up to the hype, they were insane! We ordered a few different ones to sample a little bit of what they had on offer, but even the simplest cocktails came with a twist. I had a Kir Royale to start with, but instead of the normal cassis, it was poured at the table and swirled around the drink for minutes. The Dead Red Zombie was again, similar to a zombie, but bubbled angrily for minutes on end, but tasted delicious! Easily the most theatrical was the cocktail in the middle which has sadly been taken off the menu now, but has been replaced by multiple other fantastical cocktails, I'd thoroughly recommend popping in if you fancy a dramatic drink.

Not going to lie, we *may* have gone overboard on the starters sharing three between the two of us... But, we regret nothing!

Again, nothing was served quite as you'd expect it, the Avocado and Pea salad came complete with tortilla chips and sweet chilli, paired with the fresh avocado it was a lovely, fresh starter. Then we went for two deep fried options: the Prawn Lollipops and the Crispy Calamari. I love calamari in any form, but these were very tasty paired with the light, lemon mayo. The prawn lollipops were fun and delicious, I'd definitely order them again.

The main dishes were more as you'd expect, I opted for Jerk Chicken and Clare went for Blackened Salmon. My jerk chicken arrived with dumplings, rice and peas, it was great comfort food, but was a bit too boney for my liking, and the dumplings were a bit too dry, but all in all it was a good dish. Clare assured me her salmon was delicious and she adored the crispy kale she had on the side.

For more information and to take a closer look at the menu, visit The Alchemist site here.


  1. That food looks absolutely fantastic, I'm super hungry now :)

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

  2. They look like they have upped their food game since I last went, I love the cocktails and always have done. Can't wait to come back up north and head to the Alchemist again :)


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