The Ideal Home Show

This weekend is all about adulting, we're going to see a potential new house (to buy, like actual grown up people) and spending all of Sunday exploring The Ideal Home Show at Event City in Manchester. I am straight up obsessed with interior design and homeware already, we haven't even bought a house yet and I already have so many ideas about what I want so I can't wait to get some more inspiration.

The Ideal Home Show has been running since  it was founded by The Daily Mail in 1908, originally it was set up as a way for the paper to increase their advertising revenue but it soon turned into a place for everyone to be able to discover new trends, styles and products to transform their home, rented or owned. It's now owned by Media 10 and focused around interior inspiration, innovation and shopping!

With celeb ambassadors George Clarke, Katie Piper and Suzi Perry as well as a whole horde of others dotted around the arena, you should be able to find someone to inspire you.

If you're in need of interior inspiration, head to the Interior section for everything from furniture to decorating solutions. Also Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, Linda Barker and Julia Kendall are on hand for more inspo!

I'm too excited for this and it's definitely worth going to have some time off from the diet to visit The Gregg Wallace restaurant, the lunch menu looks delish! If you're heading to the show, you can book here.

Orrrr, I could just eat all of the cheese and bread... There are plenty of exhibitors with artisan food, homeware and expert advice. Find out more here.

The Bothy is such a good little idea, it's an easy to build living space that can be transformed into an extra bedroom, office space, fitness suite, anything you fancy really! Find out more here.

There are also show homes built on site for you to explore, we'll be doing this out in the real world today but it's going to be so much fun to look at more show homes under one roof. Find out more here.

The Ideal Home Show is on until the 5th of June so there's still plenty of time to head down and explore, tickets are £15 on the door or £12 if you book in advance, see here for more info. We'll be there all day tomorrow so if you do go, let me know!

*We're being treated to free day passes to The Ideal Home Show but this isn't a sponsored post, I'm just obsessed with homeware!


  1. I always mean to go to the Ideal Home Show but never get round to it, ooops. Hope you have a fab time :)

    Sophie xx

  2. Ah it looks so amazing, loving these pictures! x


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