Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Fit Skin for Life

Alongside the healthy eating and not drinking this month (which to be honest went a little awry around the time of the referendum because comfort eating/drinking was needed), I've been taking extra care of my skin, making sure it's in tip top condition in an attempt to keep my body healthy on the inside and outside. 

The people at Octer challenged me to use their mobile shopping app to make my next shopping challenge that little bit easier. I knew I wanted a few bits and pieces to help my quest to better skin so I used the Octer app to search for something I'd wanted for a while: a body brush. I had a flick through quite a few until I spotted one that Laura had recommended a few weeks ago, the Mio body brush. I've been using it religiously since it arrived and I absolutely love it, it's helped me to keen my skin soft, even and is even on the way to reducing the appearance of cellulite, dream.

Another thing I have promised to myself to keep up with is wearing soft bras in bed to keep my boobs as pert as possible! I'm getting on a bit now so it's something I actually have to start thinking about, what is life? But if it's an excuse to treat myself to cute little Calvin Klein bralettes then it's absolutely fine with me! After comparing prices on Octer, I settled on a heather grey number from The Hut. They do come up quite small just to warn you, I'm a 32E and mine only just about fit in a large.

I couldn't buy something from Mio without topping up my supply of Liquid Yoga! This bath soak is the best, it leaves your skin feeling amazing, soothes muscles after a work out and generally gives you a feeling of all round relaxation. I cannot recommend this enough and it is worth every single penny.

If you have something in mind you want to buy but aren't sure exactly what brand or where from, download the Octer app and give it go, let them do the hard work for you!

Octer treated me to a voucher to try out their shopping app but all opinions, as always, are my own.

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