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I'll be honest, this post was originally about my lovely new Kate Spade stationery but instead it's descended into a little bit of a rant about the EU referendum and the prospect of a floundering property market for those of us who are trying to buy our first home. The title was originally from one of the pieces of stationery but works quite nicely as a little bit of irony. But if you do fancy having a look at some lovely stationery, just scroll down to the bottom.

We're in the fun process of buying a house, well, not quite. We're in the process of trying to find a house to buy, but with the recent turmoil that our country has been thrown into we've been left in somewhat of a pickle.

Before the referendum we were in a place to buy, we have our deposit (just about) and we know which area we want to live in, but all of a sudden, everything has been surrounded by a sense of uncertainty. Do we carry on with our search naively assuming house prices won't be affected? Do we wait to see what happens to the housing market and put everything on hold racking up months of potentially unnecessary rent payments? Will renting prices be affected? Or do we sack it all off and move to Stockholm?

Whatever happens to the housing market (I'm pretty sure everyone will be heading here pretty sharpish), I'm going to continue clearing out our house and collecting pieces for our new home, however far way that may now be. My most recent additions are these beautiful pieces of Kate Spade stationery from Rooi, plus everything is much better value than the likes of Selfridges and they're currently on sale so we can pretend the value of the pound hasn't dropped.

I'd been lusting over the Kate Spade leaf print notepad* and stroke of genius pencil cup* in Selfridges but it was a bit too expensive for me to justify seeing as I have about 98 notepads on my desk, but Rooi is super affordable thankfully, especially in the sale!

Anyway, all grumblings aside, I'm in love with my new stationery and it's cheered up an otherwise entirely uncertain week in the UK.


  1. I'm still upset about the EU referendum result and all the fall out from it! On a less depressive note, the kate spade stationary is just gorgeous x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x


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