5 Tips for Cleaning Make-up Brushes

Cleaning make up brushes is one of the most boring tasks and it's one that I always reserve for Sundays alongside tackling the pile of washing, hoovering and other equally glamorous chores. Anything that could make the task a little easier is a dream, so I thought I'd put together a few tips to make it just a little bit easier.

Keeping your make up brushes clean is vital for healthy skin, make up brushes are full of dirt, oil and bacteria that will increase the likelihood of breakouts and spots. Plus, make up brushes can be expensive so the better you look after them, the longer they'll last!

  1. Run your brushes under warm water then leave them to soak for a little while in warm, soapy water. This helps to deep clean your brushes without damaging them. You can see how effective this is for getting make up out of brushes above, gross!
  2. Choose the right soap for your brushes, I recently tried out Dr Bronner's natural and organis pure castille soap (I used to use baby shampoo) and it is SO much better. It takes a fraction of the time to clean the brushes and also makes them dry really quickly too, dream. My favourite is the lavender scented soap, it's great for using as hand soap too. Little bottles are only £1.99 (see here) so you can give it go without committing to a full size bottle, it's the perfect size for travelling too.
  3. Once soaked, swirl the brush under running, warm water against the palm of your hand to draw out any make up and dirt buried deep in the brushes.
  4. Once the water is running clear (the more regularly you clean your brushes, the quicker this will be) use kitchen towel or a clean tea towel to reshape and dry off some of the water. 
  5. Leave the brushes to air dry overnight to keep the brushes nice and soft. But if you're in a rush, a hairdryer on cold setting will work a treat but leaving them on a radiator won't give them the same soft feel as air drying at room temperature or next to air con.

What are your top tips for making cleaning make up brushes a little less dull? Time to clean the rest of my brushes, it is Sunday after all! 


  1. Best way the clean them! I use baby shampoos :)


  2. I'm definitely doing the soaking trick next time! Thanks for the tip, absolutely hate cleaning makeup brushes!


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