Manchester Gin Festival 2016

Is it possible to hear any more glorious words than 'would you like to go to a gin festival'? When the invite to Manchester Gin Festival popped into my inbox, I didn't even have to think twice. We'd tried to go to the festival the year before but weren't lucky enough to get tickets in time (they sell out ridiculously quickly) so we couldn't wait to explore the gins on offer.

It was one of the first sunny days in Spring over the bank holiday weekend in the beautiful surroundings of Victoria Baths, we weren't quite sure what to expect but the combination of gin lovers, experts and the gin itself made for a pretty bloody lovely evening. You're presented with a giant gin glass as you walk in (which you can take home!) that you take to the gin boards, match it with a mixer and is paired with a garnish, from lime to raspberries.

We had recommendations and old favourites to try from our very favourite Edinburgh Gin to the new and exciting taste of Ungava crafted in Quebec near where my best friend lives. Paired with classic English treats in the form of pork crackling and spicy Mexican food on offer, each room offered up another exciting taste sensation.

To find out more about the Gin Festival and to find the nearest one to you, take a look at their website here. They take place throughout the year and across the country, definitely visit if you can!


  1. This looks so cute! Steph x

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  3. I love gin! I just got into it actually, last year at the festival there was a stall all about gin and I tried them. Now I have a few in my larder and treat myself once in a while :))

    Katrina Sophia


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