Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Archive by Alexa Collection: Styling the Harry Shirt and meeting Alexa

I'm not sure if a celebrity collaboration has ever been more anticipated than the Archive by Alexa collection for Marks and Spencer, at least by myself. Combining archive pieces with a modern twist from one of my favourite high street stores (I can't get enough of the Limited Edition collection) with the style of the one and only Alexa Chung, the Archive by Alexa collection is destined to put Marks and Spencer back on the map.

I was invited down to London for the launch day to get a first look at the collection and meet Alexa herself, definitely not my usual Wednesday activity! I ran around London from meeting to meeting before heading to M&S to meet Helen before the event, we ventured inside and waited eagerly having a nosey at the collection and munching on Biscuiteers sweet treats waiting for Alexa's arrival.

The queue of excitable girls and women snaked around the building, some had been there for hours and some came armed with pieces from the archive that they had bought years ago to show. It was so good to see the collection and the archive pieces up close, to see the inspiration behind it and the pieces that had remained exactly as they were, the polka dot dress Alexa was wearing hasn't been altered at all, even the fabric is the same! You can see the moment when I met her here, I have no idea what I said to her but she was lovely!

Other key pieces including the navy culottes and jacket, bright paisley dress and a beautiful green trench with checked lining that proved very popular at the launch.

I couldn't help but pick up a few pieces from the collection, I've had my eye on the Harry shirt* since the first sneak previews of the collection appeared. I thought it wasn't going to suit me because of my slightly larger than average chest and curvy figure but paired with the Ada trousers, it balances out my body shape nicely.

I thought my Grenson Emily brogues would be the best fit, you can't go wrong with navy and burgundy leather after all. I have a feeling this will be my go to outfit for spring!

If you haven't picked up anything from the collection yet, take a closer look at it here and get yourself stocked up!



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