Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Winter Layering

Gestuz coat outfit post

Winter has been odd this year, plunging us into the icy depths with temperatures below freezing to mild days where you can easily get away with an oversize cardi. It makes dressing appropriately pretty tricky, you're always too hot or too cold, there's never any happy medium. This is why layering is the answer. Plus it hides a multitude of sins that are still clinging to your hips (and everywhere else on my body) after over indulging at Christmas!

Gestuz coat outfit post

This was one of my outfits for Copenhagen Fashion Week, a really simple monochrome look that meant I could stay wrapped up against the elements but easily shed layers as we entered the shows.

I'm wearing my new Gestuz coat that I picked up at the Flannels outlet at The Lowry shopping centre in Salford (they have Moschino bomber jackets and everything in there, well worth a nosey if you're in the area) with a couple of good Zara sale pieces layered underneath including a tube skirt that was £3 by the time I got to the till! I've also layered up with my beloved cashmere scarf I picked up from a market in Florence about 10 years ago which I have since lost, so I'll definitely have to plan a trip back there soon, my trusty UGG ankle boots and Knutsford leather gloves.

Now I just need the Manchester weather to decide what it's doing so I can carry on the layering!


  1. Love that coat, you look gorgeous!


  2. Love this look! I hope you had a fab time in Copenhagen, it's on my list of places to visit!
    My go to layering at the mo' are Uniqlo Heattech tops under everything and fleece lined tights! Literally my winter saviours :)
    Rachelle x


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