A Touch of Silk

A little indulgence goes a long way and with the nights getting longer and the mornings getting lighter, I've noticed that my sleep patterns have changed. My body clock is getting earlier and my sleep is becoming more broken, so I'm taking action. Well, if you can call wearing a silk eye mask and practicing yoga for 20 minutes a day action... But, it's working!

I will take any excuse to add something to my ever growing collection of lovely things, whether it be buying sportswear to encourage me to go to the gym or choosing a silk eye mask. PJs London are the loveliest little brand, they hand craft the most beautiful nightwear and lingerie from 100% silk, and have solved my sleep woes with a gorgeous eye mask with a C on. Perfect for making sure my boyfriend knows he can't steal it!

All of their products are made to order so you can choose exactly what you'd like, from 43 shades of silk to lace trims. Take a look at the full range here and invest in a good night sleep this Spring.


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