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There are a few things in life that show that you're a 'grown up', things like paying bills, being able to stay up as late as you want to (even though you're fast asleep on the sofa by 10pm) and drinking coffee. And at 27, I'm attempting to tackle the latter.

I've never been a coffee drinker, in fact, I really only drink water in the week and wine at the weekend, I'm a girl of simple tastes when it comes to beverages. But after introducing other things I avoided in my youth like olives and red wine into my diet, it's probably time to mature my palette.

Last week I was in London for a couple of days for meetings with brands and it was up to me to pick a location for one of them, I spotted Adela's review of Monmouth Coffee Company in Covent Garden on CitizenM and thought it looked like a good spot for an informal meeting. But, I got something I didn't quite expect!

I walked into Monmouth Coffee Company, it's the cutest little store with horde of coffee beans and baked goods at the front and shared booths at the back. Just a tip, if you arrive first, you can't save a seat for anyone else as it's all shared tables so if you're heading in for a meeting, meet outside and head in together.

As not much of a coffee drinker, I expected there to be a range of different hot drinks on offer, I was chatting to one of the baristas and asked what teas they had; no teas. Any hot chocolate? No hot chocolate. How about a mocha? Nope. They are serious about coffee and only serve the finest coffee, roasted in their very own roasting site in Bermondsey. I braved the bean and went for a decaffeinated latte (with just half a shot of coffee because I'm a wimp), and it was actually delicious! If you're a coffee lover, you will absolutely adore it. The selection of beans is insane, from beans that taste like chocolate to cherry, there's something for everyone including me. 

One of the best (or worst depending on how you feel) things about Monmouth Coffee is that they have no signal, they encourage you not to use your phone and respect the people around you. Perfect for informal meetings but not so great if the person you're meeting is running late!

Find out more about Monmouth Coffee here and if you love coffee, give it a visit next time you're in London.


  1. I do like it, and their chocolates are ace but I do find it a little small, and then it gets mega stuffy in the back. There's another one at Borough Market which looks bigger.

    Buckets & Spades


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