Just Lovely Things: Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day is only a week away, the emails from stores are flooding in and every restaurant has added hearts to pretty much everything they have. Even if you're not a fan of Valentine's Day it's a great excuse for treating yourself or a loved one to something lovely to brighten their day, after all, everyone loves a little love!

We tend to stay in for Valentine's Day; curled up on the sofa with a good film, a good bottle of wine and good food, a card is a must but gifts tend to be in the form of the aforementioned wine and food, alongside a thoughtful present. Over the years gifts have ranged from a Drive jacket (embroidered scorpion and all) to beautiful pyjamas, but this year I thought I'd collect together a few lovely things to help you choose a little Valentine's Day gift or accessories. Including Joe's actual present (hint: it's not the heels...)

As much as I tend to avoid the standard all red look for Valentine's Day, I always love to add a splash of red with a swipe of lipstick or a pair of accent heels to an all black look. This year I'll be brightening up my outfit with this stunning pair of Karen Millen Suede ankle-cuff sandals, they're such a good, vibrant alternative to my usual black sandals.

While I was in Karen Millen I also fell in love with their range of arrow jewellery pictured at the top of this post, aren't they so cute? I couldn't help picking up a few pieces! I got the rings, earrings and the bracelet but they would make such a good little Valentine's Day treat, drop those hints!

All Gone is something I've got for Joe for Valentine's Day in the past, it's a gorgeous book featuring a collection of fashion, trainers and collectibles that launched and sold out in 2015. Joe is obsessed with collecting everything and anything (you should see our house...) so he loves it. Luckily there was a book signing while we were in Copenhagen so I managed to get him a signed copy, hopefully making it a bit more special! You can find out more here.

I also picked up a few stationery bits while I was in Copenhagen, HAY was calling my name... HAY is full of very cute and rather stylish homewares, but I just couldn't resist these bits. I got an all gold bullet pen (I actually got two so it doesn't run out too soon) and an olive green notebook with a gold trim, my desk will be very happy.

You can visit the HAY Mini Market in Selfridges in London and you can take a closer look online here, there's still time to order for Valentine's Day if your other half is as obsessed with staionery as I am!

I also picked up this pretty amazing Ballograf ballpoint pen, I've always wanted one for no apparent reason so I was made up with this purchase! It might just be me who would love this for Valentine's Day though... You can pick up your very own from Selfridges here.

Another really thoughtful gift (especially for bloggers and freelancers) is business cards, I would be so touched if I received a set of business cards! I got mine from Minted but Moo also have some great options, just make sure all the contact details are spelled correctly, it could get awkward...

It's just a collection of a few lovely things I'll be wearing or would love to unwrap on Valentine's Day, from the super affordable to the slightly more expensive, but nothing crazy. After all, Valentine's Day is all about being with the person you love, not about what you buy them.

I hope you have a bloody lovely Valentine's Day whatever you do!


  1. I really like these ideas, I'd never think to gift someone business cards but you're right it'd be lovely! I adore basically everything from HAY, I didn't realise they were in Selfridges I'll have to have a gander next time I'm there!


  2. Love these ideas, those shoes are gorge!

    Sophie x


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