Friday, 29 January 2016

Pink Soda Sport

As much as I had aimed to get my arse into gear this year, between getting back into work mode and suffering from the flu for a couple of weeks, January hasn't been quite the fitness fest I'd hoped it to be. But, fuelled by shopping and finally a clean bill of health, I'm able to get myself sorted!

Thankfully a parcel full of Pink Soda sportswear arrived just in time for the cold snap so I could start running outside and look better in the gym. I tend to not feel very confident in the gym (lycra is not my favourite fabric unless I'm lounging around at home...) so having loose tops, flattering leggings and oversized sweatshirts make me happy.

I've been throwing on my Pink Soda Sport panel crew sweatshirt every weekend to head to the gym or out for a long walk with Joe, it's so comfy and I love that it has thumb holes!

Take a look at the Pink Soda collection exclusively at JD Sports here, it will definitely encourage you to head to the gym when your order arrives!

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