Christmas Traditions

Can you believe Christmas is just a couple of days away? It has come round so quickly and I'll be honest, I'm not feeling particularly prepared!
As I've grown up our Christmas traditions have changed over the years, from spending each year in Kent at my Nan's house, to spending it at my Mum's house to recent years where we have alternated between Joe's parents' house and my sister's. But there are little traditions that have stuck over the years and new ones have been formed.

I always buy a new dress for Christmas day, I love having something new to wear! This year I've gone for a comfy White Stuff tunic as we're at my sister's house this year so I need something that can withstand playing with my little nieces and eating ALL of the food! I will, of course, be swapping it for my new Derek Rose pyjamas for an evening of turkey sandwiches and prosecco watching horror films and Father Ted, another odd tradition of ours.

Going to choose a Christmas tree and decorating it has always been an event in our family, we used to chop one down each year (from a proper place, not just a forest honest!) on my Dad's birthday, decorate it and go to see the panto in our local theatre. Things have moved on since but we still stick to the same time in December to go and get our tree (from the very cute Hulme community garden centre) and add new decorations every year. Last year we introduced woodland animals so our tree is full of owls and hedgehogs, this year we welcomed two little Groot and Rocket Pop! Vinyl bobble baubles, isn't he cute?

Even though we won't be waking up in our bed on Christmas day, I always like to make the bedroom a little festive. This year I've added a poinsettia (just from Sainsbury's), scented fir cones from The White Company, super soft thick cotton bedding and a festive red throw. We've also just got a new Leesa mattress that is the comfiest thing ever!

What are your Christmas traditions? I'd love to hear them!


  1. We do our make Christmas meal/gift giving on Christmas eve in our family. When my grandparents were alive we'd go to their house on xmas eve (now we do it at my brother house), and as soon as the first star was in the sky we'd start have our Christmas dinner. I always remember my nanna looking out of the window looking for a star.
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