Sunday, 1 November 2015

Home Comforts

November has arrived and so begins the constant lusting over homeware; it's just that time of year when you *need* another throw, set of cushions or kitchen gadgets that you're not 100% sure what they do but you know you'll need them at some point over Christmas.

After my first little home tour went down quite well (you nosey lot!) I thought I'd invite you into our home again to see a few of our new additions for the season ahead.

We seem to collect chairs, even though there's only two of us in the house, we have enough furniture to seat a football team. This is my most recent addition, the Suri chair by Pedro Gomes which I won when I went to Edinburgh with Ibis Styles but took quite a while to arrive! I love the chair but need to find a home for it, it's currently my go to place to relax with a magazine and a cup of herbal tea on a Sunday morning.

Even though I don't drink normal tea or coffee, in winter I do love herbal tea, Yogi Detox tea is my favourite at the moment and I love drinking it from a giant mug like these from Amara*. I actually just started my Christmas shopping on Amara too, scary!

Our house has quite a contemporary feel, it's a terraced house (that used to be the original Coronation Street I'll have you know) that has been completely gutted inside, then re-built to be way more interesting than your standard terraced house. The colour palette is mostly white with grey, black and bright red accents (it's Dulux but other paint is also available!) so we've tried to reflect the brightly coloured walls in our art and posters, which all seem to be comic book themed... Scott Pilgrim is one of my favourite so Joe bought me this limited edition Mondo print by Kevin Tong which I absolutely love, he's a good egg.

These little spoons were obviously a completely necessary purchase... I have no idea what to use them for but aren't they adorable? They will definitely but used over Christmas, I'm sure they'll be really sweet sugar spoons and tea spoons for guests over the festive season. 

I also have my eye on a few new blankets and serving bowls, I'm pretty sure this is only the start of winter additions!


  1. Gorgeous style and can't believe you won that chair! Stephanie x

  2. That chair is gorgeous and I love the pops of colour, we have something similar with teal in our flat!

    Maria xxx


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