Tweet Shops: River Island at The Trafford Centre

Say hello to a new little feature - Tweet Shops! There are so many shops in Manchester that I love but rarely ever share with you because I'm distracted by posting cake recipes or beauty tips, but I want to make sure I'm posting regularly about fashion news, trends and designers like I did in the old days.

River Island was always a shop I tended to avoid when I was a teenager, the bedazzled jeans and neon tank tops were just not very 'me' but since I've grown up, River Island has grown up with me, it's now one of my favourite high street stores for hidden gems. This skirt I picked up from The Trafford Centre store is still one of my favourites even though I'm sadly not quite as slim as I was last year, sob!

River Island re-opened their new and improved Trafford Centre store yesterday meaning that it's high time for me to go and stock up on pieces from the new collection! There will be treats for anyone spending £30 or more on womenswear and menswear this weekend so go and explore the new store if you can.

I'll be exploring Manchester city centre this weekend with a lovely group of bloggers so keep an eye out for more Tweet Shops posts coming soon!


  1. I always hated RI as a teen, but even now i'm older i still find it very hit and miss! Definitely need to head in there soon and see what they have to offer xx

    Abi | abistreetx

  2. I used to shop in River Island a lot and then it all went a bit too 'trendy' for me with the neon and stuff. I've not been in for a long time but I think I may need to give it another go.

    Keeley xx


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