Six Winter Skincare Essentials

After managing to avoid getting ill for the majority of the year, the lurgy has finally won and I'm stuck in bed with the flu, yay! It also means that my skin has completely dried out and the inevitable breakout is imminent, so I'm taking the time to ensure my skincare routine injects as much moisture as possible whilst cleansing deeply, ideal for the winter months!

The Swisso Logical Cleansing Milk is a recent addition to my routine, in summer is switched to Micellar Water to keep my skin clear but for autumn and winter, I'm opting for cleansing milk to keep my skin hydrated. It's a lovely light cream that works perfectly with the next product on my list...

I am using my Foreo Luna religiously at the moment, since I'm now the grand old age of 27 (as of a couple of days ago...) I'm taking anti-ageing products seriously and the Foreo not only deep cleanses, the vibrations also reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles. It instantly brightens skin too and after just a few uses, you can see the difference. I'd really recommend this!

Another anti-ageing products that I've been using recently is the Exuviance Age Reverse Hydrafirm, it's an intense moisturiser that I use every other day to help reduce the signs of ageing and replenish hydration levels, perfect for the colder weather and air conditioned office!

I've struggled to find an eye cream that doesn't affect my sensitive eyes, thankfully the No7 Youthful Eye Serum works well with my skin and helps to hydrate around my eyes without causing irritation, ideal for reducing the signs of ageing and tired eyes.

I always find that after during and after a cold my skin looks really dull so I've turned to the Derma V10 Multi Radiance Cream, it's a budget beauty product that works a treat for a quick skin fix.

The last but by no means least product on my current skincare essentials is the Ark SkinPerfector Hydration Injection Masque, it's helped to keep my skin looking healthy and hydrated even with a horrible cold. I've used this once a week for the past four or five weeks and I love it, I kept it on for 5 minutes which is ideal for me, but if you need more of a moisture injection, leave it on a little longer.

What are you winter skincare essentials?


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