Friday, 2 October 2015

The Natural Look

Make-up is one of life's great treats. It brightens our skin when we're feeling under the weather, gets us noticed in a crowd and helps us feel our very best. But there are times when a full face of make-up isn't going to get you ahead. Here are three situations where you might want to consider the natural look.

Job interviews

For job interviews it's always important to look sharp and dress the part. But you want to be judged on your career skills, not on how well you can blend your blusher. Too much make-up can look like you're trying too hard, and may distract your prospective employees from the great experience on your C.V. To feel truly confident and look your best, choose a toned down version of your normal make-up routine. That means Amy Winehouse eyeliner flicks and Gwen Stefani red lips are out - unless, of course, you're applying for a job in beauty or show business. A little bit of blush is fine as long as it looks natural, and sheer lipsticks in natural shades can work wonders. A light dusting of powder can help to keep nervous faces looking their best. Good luck!

Working out

Have you ever spotted someone at your local gym who looks completely out of place, but you haven't been able to figure out why? They probably forgot to remove that morning's full face of make-up. There's a reason why nobody wears make-up to the gym, and it's an icky one. When you sweat, your skin releases toxins that have built up and if your skin is covered by a layer of foundation, that sweat is going to sink back into your pores and cause unsightly spots later on. Instead, you should be removing all the dirt and make-up from your face before your workout, giving your skin a chance to breathe. Don't leave it on out of vanity or laziness or you'll sabotage your efforts to look fabulous and healthy!

Sporting Events

Picture the scene. You're accompanying with friends at a football match and you happen to look in your compact mirror at half-time only to discover you have a very visible tide mark on your chin and it's been there all day. Or worse, your make-up has settled into every crease and you now look like a more fashionable version of your granny. Not ideal. That's why when it comes to day-time sports events it's much better to opt for natural foundation options like tinted moisturiser. The exception, of course, is if you're at a Serie A match surrounded by gorgeous Italian football fans. Then, you can allow yourself a little extra sparkle. Before you go, brush up on your Serie A betting with bet365 so you can impress your fellow fans. If you need a tip, when I looked, Juventus are leading the way with the bookies to win the league!

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