Saturday, 31 October 2015

A Smokey Eye and Red Lip

Mastering the art of a smokey eye and a red lip will stand you in good stead, whatever the occasion. Whether it's a Halloween party where you'd rather look chic than scary, a Christmas do or a night out, you can make it work!

Can we also take a moment to appreciate how Halloween ready my hair is? I've started to go grey which I thought would be horrendous but thankfully, it's all focused on a streak in my fringe which I'm actually really excited about! I always wanted to be Rogue from X-Men when I was younger so thanks ageing, you've done well. By this time next year I'm hoping for a ready-made Halloween costume! 

Back to the make up, as it is Halloween, I thought I'd share a few of my tips and tricks for getting the perfect smokey eye and red lip in no time at all, ideal for those last minute looks. I'm not a beauty expert but these always work for me!
  • Cover the lid with a lighter cream shadow, then work into the crease with a darker powder shadow using a medium size eyeshadow brush for a soft finish.
  • Then use kohl eyeliner to trace your top lash line, flicking out to the side for a more feline finish. I usually draw a couple of stripes in a flick shape and one into the crease, then blend for that ideal smokey eye shape.
  • Finish with a highlighter in the corner of your eyelid above the lashes to make your eyes appear brighter.
  • Have cotton buds and eye make up remover on hand to touch up any mistakes and to finish off, use the cotton bud under the flick to make it really defined. 
  • Use a cream blush for easy blending and staying power throughout the night, it also means no creases, hoorah!
  • Use kohl eyeliner for the ultimate blend and smudge, I used a Bobbi Brown kohl eyeliner with a smudging sponge. If you want a more precise flick, use liquid eyeliner to finish. 
  • Start by lining your lips, focus on the cupid's bow and making sure you don't colour outside your natural lip line. I always find moisturing lipstick is the best to use as it keeps your lips looking full and doesn't wear off throughout the night. 
  • To get the perfect cupid's bow, use the 'x marks the spot' method', it works amazingly well!

I used the new Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye kit* for my eyes (which I LOVE), Rimmel Lipstick in The Only One 810 with Nars Lip Liner in Sangria for my lips and my one true love Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation, Mac Transparent Finishing Powder, bareMinerals Blush in Bright Rosy Pink and MAC Brooke Shields Bronzer for my skin. What are your make up essentials? 


  1. Love this makeup look! You look great!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  2. This is the kind of look I know I could never master! x

  3. What a gorgeous classic look, that dress (is it a dress?) looks amazing too, wheres it from?

    Sophie x


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