The Best Cake Ever

Though I am currently trying to lose weight and do more exercise, there are always times that require cake. Not just any cake though, only the best cake ever is allowed.

This weekend was such an occasion as my best friend Ash came to stay for the weekend all the way from Canada, we hadn't seen each other for two and a half years so our signature Guinness cake was required. We used to bake it all the time at uni (absolutely no idea how we weren't the sizes of small houses by the end of term) and it is easily the best cake recipe known to man. Nigella Lawson, you are a genius.

It's made with Guinness (obv) which gives it an incredibly moist texture and the cream cheese frosting is to die for. Baking it also gave me an excuse to use my lovely new Le Creuset bakeware from IWOOT, aren't they dreamy? There was a tiny bit of leakage from the cake tin due to the almost liquid cake batter but it didn't make a difference to the cake!

You can see the full recipe here, it's perfect for autumn and winter as it's very comforting so what better excuse to try it out?


  1. Oh my goodness, this looks incredible and I ALWAYS have room for cake! ;)

    Maria xxx


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