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A full fringe is possibly one of the most high maintenance hair styles you can have, especially when you're like me and have wavy hair AND a cow lick meaning it is near impossible to ensure a fringe stays in place for even an hour, let alone a full day.

In my years of fringe maintenance, I've picked up a few tips so I thought I'd share them with you in light of Batiste's new styling range. Batiste dry shampoo is an integral part of my 24 hour, weather proof fringe,
  1. Wash your hair with volume shampoo to give strength to your hair, then spritz with volumising spray and mousse. I also use a little salt spray around my fringe area for extra structure and to stop it from getting greasy throughout the day, it works really well!
  2. I have a cowlick which used to make having a fringe impossible until I learned how to blow dry it into control, simply use the hairdryer from side to side, focusing on the left for 5-10 second then moving to the right. It somehow magically flattens everything and you instantly have normal hair! 
  3. Straighten your hair as you would do normally, using a heat protection spray. Don't straighten your fringe too much, a natural bounce is always better than a poker straight, tufty situation.
  4. Spray Batiste dry shampoo on the under side of your fringe, this will make sure it stays in place all day long without getting greasy, miracle! 
  5. Finish with a spritz of Batiste Stylist Hold Me Hairspray underneath (being very careful of your eyes of course) this keeps it in place without that tell tale crispy fringe!
I hope these tips help you to keep your fringe in tip top condition! If you're looking to create beautiful, soft waves, take a look at Victoria from In The Frow's tutorial to get the look and see the new styling products up close and personal.

Take a look at the new collection here, exclusively available at Boots.

This post was sponsored by Batiste, but as always, opinions are entirely my own.


  1. These are great tips! I love Batiste's dry shampoo too, although it can be tricky to get rid of that white hue that it leaves on my (very) dark brown hair. What a great idea to spray it under the fringe.. I never thought of that!


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