Considering Invisalign

My teeth have never been my best feature, I spent my early teenage years refusing to get braces before I eventually caved to the dentist's pressure at 16 which resulted in me having a few teeth out, a year of painful braces and, in the end, lovely straight teeth! Fast forward nearly ten years and say hello to all four wisdom teeth and they are far from straight again, joy. There's a reason there are no pictures of me on my blog with my teeth showing... I think this is the first shot of me with my teeth showing ever to feature on my Instagram, you can see my wonky toothy pegs pretty clearly!
After seeing other bloggers like Carrie tackle their teeth woes with Invisalign, I'm considering taking the plunge. But seeing as there's a pretty hefty price tag attached to it and over a year of treatment, I wanted to find out more. Step in the experts from Ollie & Darsh to shed a little light on the invisible braces...    
Invisalign presents an interesting alternative to standard braces. It’s a method of straightening teeth using nearly invisible, completely removable ‘aligners’. Bespoke creations made to fit the individual wearer’s teeth; they’re a really discreet way to straighten your smile and avoid the potential embarrassment of explaining adolescent throwback braces.
It’s not just their discreet appearance that makes them a great option for straightening teeth though. There are a number of clear benefits that make Invisalign a real game changer in the world of orthodontistry. Let’s take a look at a few of the most convincing ones!
They’re Super Comfortable
Invisalign clear braces are made to fit the wearer. They’re bespoke and made just for you. They’re changed every couple of weeks as your teeth naturally start to straighten. That means no ache often associated with wearing newly tightened braces. Also, you can remove them if you need to. Fancy work cocktail party? No worries, your aligners can take a little break for a few hours without affecting your treatment plan!
They Get to Work Pretty Quickly
Ask anyone who had regular braces as a teen and they’ll tell you a story of regular trips to their dentist that last years before they finally saw results. Fast forward to today and the advent of Invisalign has dramatically cut that time down. Invisalign aligners typically take 12-18 months to achieve results – pretty impressive!
They’re Nice and Safe
Safety might not necessarily be the first thing that springs to mind if you’re considering braces. But think about it, traditional braces are made of metal and wire that can stick out and into something in seconds flat. Sharp edges are not your best friend, especially if you trip and hit your head (split lip, anyone? No?). Invisalign aligners are made of medical grade thermoplastic, moulded to fit your teeth with no sharp edges in sight.
Straight teeth will significantly improve your health
Struggle with headaches? Is chewing a bit of a chore? Okay, so this one isn’t specifically about Invisalign technology but more about the huge changes it can bring to your life. Misaligned teeth have been linked to headaches (due to uneven pressure distribution), gum disease and difficulty eating certain foods. Straightening your teeth will not only help restore your confidence it can also improve your health, which is pretty nifty if you ask us!
If you want to make a lasting investment in not just your appearance but your overall dental health then Invisalign is definitely the solution. You can find out more about what the treatment involves and if it’s the right treatment for you here.

(This post was sponsored by Ollie & Darsh but my teeth woes and opinions are 100% mine sadly, time to investigate Invisalign further...)


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