Thursday, 23 July 2015

Tweet Eats: Grill on the Alley, Manchester #TCABurgerTakeover

Is there anything better than a naughty mid-week treat after a few long days in the office? At this moment in time, there definitely isn't!

Earlier this week The Man and I ventured to Grill on the Alley in Manchester to try out the limited time only burger menu. Launched on the 4th of July and inspired by Thomas Cook Airline's recent additions to their proverbial menu of flights to Boston, Miami, New York and LA, there is a burger to celebrate each US destination. Think crayfish and prawns for Boston, pastrami for New York, pickled watermelon (I've been assured it's actually nice!) for Miami and a guacamole with onion rings number for LA. But the catch is, they're only available until the 31st of July so you better be quick if you want to grab one! 

Seeing as we pretty much share the same brain, we obviously both chose the Boston burger with the LAX as back up, being the gentleman he is, Joe let me have the Boston burger and he settled with the equally delicious sounding LAX. But what is on the burgers I hear you cry, take a look below for the full menu...

Boston Burger - Prawns, Crayfish, Garlic Butter and Back Bacon
New York Deli Burger - Pastrami and Lancashire Cheese
Miami Burger - Pickled Watermelon, Pineapple and Horseradish Coleslaw (if you do have this, PLEASE let me know how it is, I'm so intrigued!)
LAX Burger - Onion rings, Guacamole, Chipotle Mayo and Beer Battered Pickles

There's something about crayfish that I adore, they were one of the best parts of the burger, little tasty morsels of seafood nestled on a bed a rare burger; my idea of heaven. Thinking of it, there was definitely no bacon on my burger even though it was on the menu, I'm pretty sure that's a valid excuse to go back and get another one, right? While I'm on the complaints, they also managed to spell Independence Day incorrectly on the menu but seeing as the burgers were pretty damn good, I'll let them off this time...

The LAX burger looked pretty damn good, I sneaked a deep fried, beer battered pickle from the top and I'm pretty sure that's my new favourite food, that taste was worth the trip all by itself. The skin on chips were pretty top notch too, all this for £12 each is a pretty good deal. Perfect for a weekend (or mid-week if you're naughty like us) treat.

Not only have Grill on the Alley and Thomas Cook Airlines gone all American on us, they're also offering you the chance to win flights to the US! It's super easy to enter, just visit this link to book your burger banquet and share a snap of your burger with the hashtag #TCABurgerTakeover, not forgetting to add in @GrillManc and @TCAirlinesUK on twitter or Instagram to be in with a chance of winning the trip of a lifetime.

I'm already planning my next trip to Boston, the lobster is calling me!


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