Trying out Barrecore in Alderley Edge

If you want to try out a new exercise class that will 100% make a difference, Barrecore is for you. This was my second time trying out the class and it was even harder than the first (let's not blame the 421 doughnuts I've eaten in between them...).

Barrecore is a combination of ballet moves with the barre and pilates, so think squats on tip toes, balletic movements with weights and extreme core exercises. It is incredibly effective with just 8 weeks giving you visible results, but you'll only need one class to feel the results. I was pretty much house bound for at least a day after the class, my abs did not see it coming! I'd thoroughly recommend Barrecore if you're looking for a tough workout, I'll deifnitely be going back for some more torture fitness.

If you're interested in learning more about Barrecore, take a look at my post here and to book in for a class in Alderley Edge or London, visit their website here.


  1. That's sounds good, I will continue to focus on.

  2. I used to dance but had to stop when I started my job. This looks like my kinda fitness class, and it sounds like it works! Think I might look into this!

    Soph x |

  3. This sounds hardcore but super fun, I wonder if there is a class near me?!

    Maria xxx


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