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Barbie has always been a reflection of the world around her and although she may have created a lot of debate and conversation around her appearance over the years. We are finally starting to see a change with the introduction of Barbie’s Fashionista range, featuring 23 brand new personalities with 14 facial sculpts, 8 skin tones, 18 eye colours and 22 hair styles. Barbie is trying to redefine herself, no longer representing an ideal image, but trying to relate herself to the rest of the world.

Now let’s all be clear, the launch of a new Barbie range isn’t something I would usually talk about on my blog, but with my two little nieces growing up so fast and being surrounded by pressures to be skinny and blonde, this video struck a chord with me. My sister always encourages my nieces to play with toys she has made, alternative toys like Studio Ghibli and Lego, but Ruby still adores Barbie. So if there’s an option for her to play with a range of Barbies that represent a more diverse and realistic image of women in the real world, then I am totally for it.

One of my favourite things about the new range of Barbies is actually very relevant with the recent heels debacle at Cannes, you can move their feet! For once, Barbies aren’t permanently on pointe, but can wear flats! I’m pretty sure it will make her forays into space travel, the military or ambassador for World peace a little bit more comfortable.

Watch the video below showcasing the new collection (as well as their more unique dress sense!) and let me know what you think about Barbie’s new look. Are you on board or do you love the classic Barbie look? Personally, I am loving that there’s a Barbie with an undercut!

You can also take a look at the behind the scenes video to see how they made the stop motion film, I adore seeing things like this to see the details!

*This post was sponsored by Mattel but, as always, all opinions are my own and I wouldn’t feature this unless I felt strongly about what the new range represents.


  1. What a great post. Only the other day I was thinking that I miss playing with my barbie dolls!! Lol I'm 30 now so it's been a long time! This is great news that barbie are finally realising that were all different and your right for kids it's great if they see a diverse look not just the skinny blonde bombshell look! Let's hope one day they'll be a plus size barbie! How great would that be! 😜

  2. Loved this post :) thanks for sharing! It's about time kids and indeed the big kids in us adults have the opportunity to play with a REAL barbie! I agree with the comment above, a plus size barbie would go further in completing the puzzle of a real life representation! :) xxx


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