The Holiday Lust List

I'll be honest, what started as a holiday wish list last week has now become a list of things that will be delivered this week... I'm a bad person.

But, our holiday is only a week away and, as usual, it's time for the panic purchases to commence! This time I'm doing it a little bit differently; instead of spending money on a hoard of throwaway items from the high street, I'm investing a little more and picking up things that I'll be able to wear all summer long or will come out year after year.

The first addition to my holiday wardrobe is a new pair of Le Specs sunglasses, I chose the Sphinx frames from MyBag, you can't really go wrong with 30% off! I did umm and ahh over getting a pair of Ray-Bans but, seeing as The Man has a pair of Wayfarers and I don't want to look like a weird matching couple, I decided against them. For now...

This is one of the prettiest additions to my wardrobe so far this summer, I can't wait to wear this Pull and Bear lace dress with bare legs and a pair of wedges for dinner near the beach on holiday but I also know I'll be wearing it to Latitude festival this summer!

I have't quite lost as much weight as I would have liked to before holiday (I think I've actually put on weight, joy...) so I've been on the hunt for flattering swimwear that won't make me feel like a beached whale. After a few conversations on twitter last night with lovely people suggesting where to look, I spent a little bit too long looking at the swimwear on House of Fraser, Debenhams and M&S. I eventually chose the Seafolly  Goddess bikini above, but I'm pretty sure I'll be stocking up on a few more before we jet off!

A good pair of sandals is really hard to find, I've been through a lot of pairs in my time but have never found a brand that I absolutely love. But hopefully that's about to change when my Coggles delivery arrives with this pair of Ancient Greek Maria sandals, staff discount is my favourite thing at the moment! They are great for the beach but would also look great with a pair of culottes or jeans for a day at the office, I'm pretty sure they will be permanently attached to my feet for the summer months.

Now, here's where I'm struggling... I read a lot on holiday, like a lot. So I need to have a stack of books to keep me occupied, but I have absolutely no idea what to read! Olivia's book review posts are giving me some ideas but if you have any suggestions for holiday reading, please let me know!

I think it's time to start packing, wish me luck...


  1. The Pull and Bear dress is gorgeous! So lovely for sunny afternoons and an evening on holiday. I never really think to shop in Pull and Bear but I'm gonna head straight over to their website to see what other gems I can find!
    Ruth Writes x


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