Strong is the New Skinny Skincare

There is only a few days until we jet off on holiday (yaaaaaay!) but it also means that any attempt to try and make my less than skinny physique into something I feel confident showing off in a bikini is entirely pointless.

But, thankfully Mio have launched their Strong is the New Skinny skincare kit so I can instantly make my skin look amazing and give me a 24-hour glow, perfect!

The kit includes mini versions of The Activist, a firming active body oil, Double Buff, a dual enzyme exfoliator and Future Proof, a firming active body butter. Perfect for packing!  

Packed with nourishing Omegas and antioxidants, The Activist is a rather amazing body oil that works through the layers of your skin to transform dry, stressed skin to restore resilience to your skin. It also smells amazing, it's a very light, citrus scent ideal for holiday!

I find it works best on damp skin, it absorbs really quickly and gives an instant lift to skin, it will be my saviour for the beach!

Exfoliating is an absolute must for me, I exfoliate my face every morning and exfoliate my body around once a week to keep my skin in tip top condition. Double Buff is my new favourite, it works quickly with round spheres of pumice, lave and bamboo blended with papaya and pineapple enzymes, dissolving roughness, evening out skin tone and reducing pigmentation.

Moisturiser is an essential for a summer holiday, my skin is always so dry after days of sun, sea and sand! I'm planning on fighting that with Future Proof. It's super rich and full of vitality boosting vitamins to smooth and firm up skin in an instant for a 24-hour glow!

The Mio Strong is the New Skinny is available from Lookfantastic here, and it's going straight into my suitcase! Now I'm off to continue my hunt for the perfect bikini, wish me luck! 


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