Sponsored Post: Buying My First Car

Even though I'm closer to 30 than I'd like to be, I have still never owned a car. I've somehow managed to dodge the rather expensive bullet by being lucky enough to borrow my Mum's car to learn in and then have a company car when I started work, perfect but it also means I have no idea about what is usually a rite of passage for most people.

The company I work for a gradually phasing out the company cars so I'm going to have to grow up and finally buy my very first car, daunting but exciting! My Dad loves cars so I've always grown up with bits of Mini Coopers lying around and Top Gear on the TV, I do genuinely love some cars and seem to have collected quite a bit of knowledge over the years, but nothing useful for helping me to find my perfect car.

I know that I really, really want a Nissan Figaro but I also know that it's probably the least practical car I could own... Google them, they are beautiful! Basically, I want a practical version of a Figaro so when Renault got in touch to share their recent campaign for the new Twingo and I saw the mint green, roomy, practical car complete with sausage dog, it pretty much ticked all the boxes.

As silly and girly as their new campaign #TwingoFlamingo is, it also looks a whole lot more than the standard car dealership situation that I get to look forward to. Here's to making boring, grown up things fun!

This post was sponsored by Renault, but all opinions are my own, as always.


  1. I'm glad the blog redirect problem has been sorted!
    Nissan Figaro's are such cute cars. I don't drive (I've failed the theory test more times than I'd like to admit), but if I did I'd probably go for a Mini. They're nice and small, so I'd be less likely to take off a wing mirror.
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