Menswear Dog: The New Classics

Seldom to my favourite things cross over, but Menswear Dog: The New Classics beautifully fuses my love of fashion with my love of dogs. Starring the rather fabulous shiba inu called Bodhi, sporting a different, classic look in every shot. The book takes us through the seasons focusing on timeless styles and pieces from a plain white shirt to Ray-ban wayfarers, alongside styling tips for mixing and matching.

Take a look at Menswear Dog here and find out more about the book here. You can also pick up a 'pawtographed' copy here! It's definitely worth taking a closer look just because Bodhi is so cute!


  1. That book looks amazing! It's such a cute idea.
    Rubi | Instagram | The Den |

  2. This looks so much fun and just the kind of thing I'd love.

    Rosy |


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