How to Pack for a Weekend Away

Recently, it seems we've been away from home pretty much every weekend, we've been on an adventure to South Wales and treated to an amazing weekend in London. This weekend is no different, I'm off to have a girly weekend with one of my best friends which I am so excited for! With all these weekends away, it means that I have become rather good (even though I say so myself!) at packing the essentials, and just the essentials... So, I thought I'd do quick post with my top packing tips!

Pick the perfect small suitcase

Let's start at the beginning. If you're heading somewhere for a couple of days, wherever you're venturing to in the world, you don't need to take an enormous suitcase, a small but sturdy hand luggage case such as the Rimowa Salsa Deluxe cabin or Samsonite Firelite red (I have the Samsonite one myself!) are perfect. They'll keep everything safe but are compact enough so you don't feel burdened, plus they mean you can save money by just taking cabin baggage if you're flying!

Take Options

Even though you're short on space, it's always good to take a few back up pieces! Shoes are a must have for me, I basically live in heels but if I'm walking around a city for hours, I need to make sure I have a pair of flats in my bag for emergencies. I also always make sure to take a couple of layer options too, then you can make an outfit look completely different just by adding a shirt or cropped tee without taking up much space in your case.

Accessories are Key

Jewellery is fast becoming my favourite accessory (it's nearly taken over from handbags!), it's easy to pack, light and can instantly transform an outfit from day to night. But don't take too much, I always choose a few pieces that go with my planned outfits, then mix and match depending on my mood when I arrive.

Layer, Layer, Layer

Instead of taking lots of bulky clothing items like jackets and jumpers, it’s time to embrace the layers. Shirts, cropped sweatshirts, tees and light jackets are your friends, just make sure they all mix and match well together. Top tip: I always roll my clothes instead of folding then, then you don't arrive with tell tale creases all over your clothes.

Streamline your Make Up Bag

As much as I adore make up, you don’t need to take everything you own with you.  I have a make up bag for home and a mini make up bag to travel that just has the essentials that I wear every day and a couple of statement lip colours for the evening. I love travel sized products too (take a look at my favourite travel sized products here if you fancy), I have lots of minis that come with me on every trip.

Planning is Key

When travelling for a short amount of time, planning is vital!  Take the time to look up the weather conditions in the days before you are travelling, and plan your outfits. The day before I go away, you'll find me in the spare room surrounded by little piles of clothes arranged in outfits, I then edit them down to the ones I will definitely wear and then supplement with a few extra layers in case I fancy a change. It's a military operation!

I hope that helps you to pack for a weekend away, it's super easy if you plan ahead and know what you want to wear! As I said in my last post, I'm going to aim to include a few more 'useful' and grown up posts on my blog so this is one of the first, let me know what you think!

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  1. i'm actually looking for a new one right now, need to get it sorted. though, ideally, i don't want to spend over £70 hmmm.

    Buckets & Spades

  2. I'm awful at packaging, I always think I need everything!

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  3. I usually pack the minimum for short breaks. Last time I went away for a few days I two tops, some trousers, and a pair of jeans. I was able to make a good few outfits out of them.
    Rubi | Instagram | The Den |

  4. I'm going away this weekend cue me sat in tears on my bed at the idea of narrowing down what I need to take and the other half ending up packing for me #fail


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