Slowly but surely I'm working on transforming myself into a confident woman, I've spent years being shy and feeling insecure about my knowledge of well, pretty much everything and it's time to turn that all around. I have a good job in online fashion marketing (which hopefully I'm not too bad at) and in the very near future I'll be building a rather sizeable team, so confidence is key.

I've been saying yes to things I would never have dreamt of doing including being an expert in a panel discussion on the future of search marketing and most recently, giving a presentation to London College of Fashion students about my career so far an trying to impart wisdom. Both of which were completely terrifying but sometimes you have to do terrifying things to build yourself up, or that's what I've found anyway!

I'm also working on updating my wardrobe one piece at a time, I'm getting rid of the things I used to wear and introducing things that I actually want to wear. Culottes are something I've been meaning to try for months now, but always been concerned that they wouldn't be in any way flattering. Luckily Clarity Travel Management challenged me to refresh my style and treated me to a little shopping spree, I picked out these Oasis culottes and absolutely fell in love with them! Turns out I was wrong about culottes and I've already been looking at a few more pairs for our holiday next week...

I paired it with a striped top from M&S Limited Edition, F&F sandals and my trusty Carvela bag c/o Secret Sales, my Larsson and Jennings silver watch and Buckley London stacking rings for the London College of Fashion talk and felt completely confident in it! 10 points to me, 0 points to insecurity!


  1. You look so lovely Clare, I really want to try Culottes too and congrats on your talk - have all the cake!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  2. I love your top, you look great!
    When I saw on Instagram that you were in London to do a talk at LCF I thought that must be a scary thing to do. I'd be way too nervous to do 'owt like that.
    Rubi | Instagram | The Den |

  3. Looking hot sweetie! Love this look on you! P.s affirmations really help when I'm having a confidence crisis, I repeat to myself the things I'm good at and like about myself xx


  4. You look seriously BANGING girllll! It sounds like you are having some amazing experiences to work on your confidence and it looks like you are getting it in bucket loads you absolute babe!
    bee xxx

  5. What a fab look, love culottes and breton! Looks amaze!

  6. You are amazing, total girl crush!

    Maria xxx

  7. Confidence is up there with all the best qualities, tweet.

    Buckets & Spades


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