Before Sunset

I'm not sure what it is but at the moment, I just want to shop... Usually I'm rather restrained and just pick up a few pieces a month but recently I've been filling up virtual baskets like nobody's business!

I wore a few of my newest additions for dinner with one of the my best friends last weekend in the countryside just outside of London (after we went to the Harry Potter tour because we're so cool, don't judge). The weather was absolutely beautiful so we took advantage and went for a wander around the lovely grounds of the hotel, it was the De Vere Hunton Park hotel if you're heading to Harry Potter and want to stay somewhere nice close by!

I have a real thing for asymmetric hemlines and this F&F top is my new favourite, it's so easy to wear and will definitely be coming with me on holiday next month, as will the shoes! I've had so many people ask me where my shoes are from when I've worn them, and they're only £25! I adore these J Brand jeans too, they are the best fitting, most flattering jeans I have ever owned. They were expensive, but totally worth every penny!

If you fancy a weekend away with your best friend, Get The Label are running a competition to win a Glamping weekend away! Find out more about it and enter here.

Right, I'm off to decide what to do with my currently overflowing ASOS basket, wish me luck...


  1. I keep eyeing up tops like this and talking myself out of them, you've just talked me back in to them tho haha. ooosh.

  2. all kinds of loving those shoes!

  3. Oooh, I do like those shoes.
    I've been pretty good with staying off asks recently (we'll just ignore the trainers I bought last week from them). I wish you luck!
    Rubi | Instagram | The Den |

  4. Ah I've been eyeing up those mules too - so amazing! F&F is on form at the minute.

  5. This is a lovely outfit I love the colour of the top. I know what you mean about shopping lust, I've just written a rose gold theme wishlist and I want it all!

    Rosy |


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