Finding 'The One'

Don't worry, this isn't a schmaltzy post all about finding true love and living happily ever after, it's about a subject (literally) close to my heart; finding a bra that fits you perfectly.

In many ways, finding the perfect bra is like finding the perfect partner; it offers you the best support, makes you feel confident, comfortable and sexy all at the same time. I'm a big believer in wearing the correct bra for your size and shape, I've posted about it in the past, am a professionally trained bra fitter and always encourage my friends and family to get measured.

I see so many girls on social media celebrating BRT (bra removal time, obv), ecstatic to free themselves from their lingerie prison, but it doesn't have to be like this! Sometimes I'm actually more comfortable wearing a bra because mine fits exactly as it should. It sounds like I'm showing off about my boobs but I promise I'm not, getting the right bra made such a difference to my confidence and I want you to feel it too! When I first got measured, tried on the right bra and looked in the mirror it looked like I'd lost a stone, my small waist looked even smaller and I suddenly had an hourglass figure instead of a funny pear shaped one. It's one of the best purchases I've ever made!

Triumph are on my side,  every year they campaign for women to get measured professionally to make sure they're wearing the correct size. This year the campaign is called 'Find The One' and they've enlisted the help of bloggers and professionals to encourage women everywhere to get measured!

They have put together a really cute video with the bloggers and experts talking about their experiences of finding 'the one', it's super short and worth a watch!

So, if you haven't already, book yourself in for an appointment and get professionally measured. You can also use Triumph's online bra size checker here for a quick fix!

Have you found the one?

This post was sponsored by Triumph but all opinions, as always, are my own!


  1. I seriously need to get myself measured again, better add it to my to do list!

    Maria xxx

  2. I couldn't agree with this more - though it is so frustrating that brands come in different sizes. Even within the same brand I can differ between three sizes! x

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Student Lifestyle Blog

  3. I've never understood the whole "I can't wait to take my bra off" thing, probably because my bras are comfortable. I think I'm one of the lucky few though, because Primark have the best fitting bras for me. They're cheap and cute, which is great.
    Rubi | The Den |

  4. I need to get measured again, I haven't really thought about it since losing weight!

    Amy- PetiteView

  5. Love this post so much! It frustrates me that sizes differ so much in stores (and countries.. seriously frustrating sometimes!) but a perfectly fitting bra can do so much to improve self confidence!

    little miss fii || Fii x

  6. I've never actually been professionally measured! Shock horror. I probably should do that. But I kinda feel like there's no point, cos I'm different sizes in different shops anyway! :( Le Sigh. xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog


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