Putting the Fit into Fitness

I am, of course, talking about the fit of sports bras, not me suddenly getting uncharacteristically confident! I am forever on the search for the perfect fitting bra, and that search does not end at lingerie. With running and the gym now being regular occurrences for me, I needed to update my sports bras.

I swear by the Panache Ultimate sports bra (you can read my review here, damn it I was so tanned!) but when you're running a few times a week, you need to have a few options. Recently, I've been testing out a couple of sports bras from F&F so thought I'd share them with you as not only are they actually really good, they're also cheap as chips!

My exercise routine revolves around running, walking and low intensity core work like yoga or pilates so making sure I have the correct support for each is important, nobody wants to have somebody's eye out mid jog. This one is the Active Deep V Medium Impact sports bra, it's incredibly comfortable and has slight padding to make sure everything is supported properly despite the V shape. I love the V shape as it means you don't see the top of your sports bra peeking over the top of your vests, it's also a lot less constricting for things like yoga where deep breaths are key.

The racer back, thick straps and adjustable bra fastening are great for added support and security without causing discomfort. Plus, I love the print!

The photos above make me want to run and go to the gym even more, I definitely need to burn some fat and tone up as soon as possible! Also, I've never noticed my ridiculous shoulder to waist to arse ratio, better get my tone on!

To take a look at the F&F sports bra range, click here, such a good fit and all under £16, dream!

Also, take a look at the Chatty Feet Valentine's Day giveaway, they're giving away super cute his and hers socks just in time for Valentine's Day!


  1. I really love this post - as someone who HATES exercise and resents having the occasional run, I take absolutely no interest in looking for sports bras, etc, so am always left with a tatty old one that I don't want to spend pennies on replacing when I could just buy a new pair of shoes...

    I'm definitely gonna check out the Tesco sports bra xx

  2. That's such a good one. I was thinking of getting a proper sports bra now that I'm going to get into yoga so hopefully I find one as nice as yours!! xx

    Cristina // My Cup of Tea

  3. Your body is to die for, you look stunning!

    Maria xxx


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