New Year, New Make Up

The start of a new year is the time to clear out, detox and make new year's resolutions to become healthier, fitter and generally better people. I'm starting the new year with a massive clear out of clothes and beauty goodies to start fresh, I appear to have accrued a massive amount of both in 2014!

To new year's resolutions, I just read my post from last year and I haven't done too badly as my fitness levels are much better than last year, I posted at least twice a week on my little blog and I've changed roles at work which I'm really excited to get even more stuck into this year. But I still need to see my family more and save money, it's time to be a grown up!

So for 2015 my new year's resolutions are...

- Get fitter and healthier, but enjoy it!
- See more of my friends and family
- Have a massive wardrobe clear out
- Save money for grown up things like buying a house with The Man
- Keep up with regular posting on my blog
- Volunteer and work with charities
- Invest in quality clothes and make up that will last

So, what better excuse to update my make up collection with these pieces from RMK? I love new make up, especially when you finally find perfect matches for your skin colour and type. The RMK Creamy foundation is just that, it's not only the perfect colour but the creamy consistency works amazingly well with my skin type, it stays put all day instead of sliding off around 3pm!

This RMK blusher from the Power of Love collection and has two tones, the pink is a matte shade that is great for people with fairer skin like myself, and the highlighter shade adds a bit of sparkle, what's not to like? I'm planning on picking up a make up tutorial book like this one to give me some inspiration in the new year!

Now it's time to get started on the wardrobe clear out, wish me luck, I may be some time... Have you made new year's resolutions for 2015?


  1. RMK is one of my favourite brands of 2014!

    Happy new year! x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  2. Happy New Year, wishing you lots of happiness and success with all the things you'd like to achieve! The RMK blush looks so gorgeous! xo

  3. Never heard of this brand, but that blush looks amazing x

  4. Oooh love the New Year as an excuse to update your makeup collection ;)
    I may switch up my makeup routine for the New Year as I'm stuck in a bit of a makeup rut and what better time to fix that than now?

    Elesaurus | Youtube - Eleanor Rose

  5. Happy New Year! My resolutions are similar to yours especially where finances and savings are concerned! I'm sure you'll nail them all!! X

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  7. Happy New Year! I love posts like these, I deffo want to save more also this year so that I can hopefully move out :)

    Charlee | xo


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