Thursday, 18 December 2014

Winter Floral Fragrance

Daisy by Marc Jacobs is my perfume, I've worn it every day for years and adore it. I always get tempted by the other Marc Jacobs perfumes like Lola and Dot but they've never become a staple like the classic Daisy. But, considering Daisy is a very Spring like fragrance I thought it was time to step (slightly) out of my comfort zone and test a couple of other floral fragrances that are more suited to winter.

Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs* has a similar scent to the classic Daisy, playing on fresh, floral and light fragrances but with undertones of winter blackberries and jasmine coming through. This is now my go to day time fragrance, don't you love switching fragrances so you can smell them? It's so strange that you stop being able to smell your own perfume if you wear it every day!

My new go to evening perfume is Flowerparty by Night by Yves Rocher, a twist on the original Flowerparty, this has been updated for evening with added spice and liquorice scents. Perfect for the festive season!

I also picked up a couple of other pieces from Yves Rocher to try out including the waterproof lash plumping waterproof mascara and the moisturising cream lipstick. I'm not usually one for waterproof mascara, I always find it's a bit flaky but this seems to be just right. The brush helps to coat the lashes evenly while the mascara itself plumps lashes up perfectly.

The lipstick is very moisturising, it's so easy to wear but the colour isn't quite right for me unfortunately, I'm definitely going to have to pick up a few other colours to experiment with!

Take a look at the Yves Rocher collection here for all natural beauty products with some amazing discounts at the moment, just in time for Christmas!

*Daisy Dream was sent for review by Biza and Flowerparty was sent for review by Yves Rocher but all opinions are honest and my own!


  1. I love the MJ perfume, I love all of the the Mark Jacobs perfumes! These photos are so beautiful too, can we take a moment to appreciate the colour coordination!

  2. Marc Jacobs do amazing fragrances, this is one of my favourite. Beautiful photographs x


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