The Art of Paul Mitchell

My hair is constantly annoying me, one day it's too long, the next it's too short, too static, too fine or too frizzy, there are very few days that I'm actually happy with it so when I find a product that makes a difference, it's like a little miracle.

Volume is one thing I struggle with, even though my hair looks pretty thick and shiny to the outside world, it's actually quite fine and flyaway so needs product to get it to look how I want it to! The Paul Mitchell Art of Volume* set is a dream, the collection Extra Body shampoo, conditioner and root boost spray is just what my hair needs along with added shine, perfect!

The Paul Mitchell 'Art Of' gift sets are perfect for last minute Christmas gifts, plus they're currently 25% off with free UK delivery on Lookfantastic, easy peasy Christmas present!

I also got my hands on this adorable Art of Bathtime kid's shampoo, spray and brush set that my niece Ruby will love! She's recently got into beauty and make up so this set will make her feel like a grown up with kid friendly goodies, I hope she'll love it!

What gift sets are you loving at the moment for last minute gifts?


  1. My old hairstylisting/best friend used to go ON and ON about the Paul Mitchell stuff. He absolutely swore by it! I haven't ever really used it and always thought it was kinda expensive and not particularly special? I dunno... maybe I need to give it another shot! :) xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog


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