Tweet Eats: Jamie's Italian, Manchester

 A couple of weekends ago, myself and The Man were invited to try out Jamie's Italian in Manchester. We'd been meaning to try it out for ages, so this was the perfect excuse! We opted for an early dinner on a Saturday before we ventured to WWE (don't ask, The Man got free tickets through work and it was as silly as it looks!).

We pottered around town to work up an appetite and made our way to King Street for a little indulgence...

The building itself, a converted bank, is incredible. With huge ceilings, beautiful marble walls and new lighting that just brings the whole building to life. We were seated in the balcony so we had an amazing view of the whole building, including the bar and kitchen in the centre which was covered with wine, cheese, meats and chillies all just waiting to be ordered.

To begin, we shared olives on ice, they were giant green olives with a black olive tapenade which was kind of amazing. On the menu they are called 'the world's best olives', which I can't quite support but they were pretty bloody lovely! My favourite part was the tapenade on a shard of the poppadom-esque bread that accompanies it.

We both opted for starters (why not!) of which I had the meat plank. Jamie's Italian is covered in wooden planks, they are everywhere, on the menu, at the bar and even available to buy so it would have been rude not to try one out. It arrived on a mini plank with a selection of cold meat alongside kale-slaw (coleslaw made with kale), chilli mozzarella and a slice of parmesan with chilli. Now I've written it all out, it seems like quite an odd combination for a meat plank but when eaten together, it tastes amazing. There is just the right blend of chilli heat, amazing quality meat and the addition of a little cheese on the side is always welcome in my book.

The Man had squid rings (classic Joe) but as he isn't used to all the blogging lark, managed to eat most of the them before I got a chance to take a photo, but just take my word for it, they were yummy!

Honestly, is there anything more comforting than a big bowl of pasta? No, is the answer. We both chose pasta for our main and neither of us was disappointed, we sat in silence only interrupted by pasta induced appreciation for at least a few minutes. Probably the best sign of a good pasta dish!

I had the Sausage Pappardelle, a ragu of slow cooked fennel, organic sausages and parmesan with the most divine handmade pasta. Pure, delicious comfort. I also loved the shape of the pasta, you can see in the photo above, it had a frilly edge which caught all of the delicious flavours making it an incredibly flavourful pasta.

The Man opted for chicken liver tagliatelle which was on the specials board, I asked The Man what his opinion of the dish was and his reply was 'fucking delightful' so I'll take that as a positive review!

We spent the rest of the meal digesting the food and the surroundings of the building, drinking a little wine and wondering what treats WWE had in store for us. We should have stayed in Jamie's Italian to be honest, the wrestling was quite an experience...

I'd thoroughly recommend Jamie's Italian, it's perfect for a late lunch or family meal during the day and maybe something a little more special at night. I reckon the private dining room in the vault would make the perfect location for a Christmas meal with friends, I'll be booking mine very soon!

To find out more about Jamie's Italian and to book, visit the website here. You can also take a look at the menu here.

*Jamie's Italian treated us to vouchers for the meal but all of my opinions are completely mine (and a bit of The Man's)


  1. I've eaten there a few times, lovely building and food is always decent but there's something I'm not sure about. I think maybe it's the size. But I'll ignore that, would go back. Oh bloody heck free WWE tickets, super jealous. Don't be knocking the WWE on my watch.

    Buckets & Spades

  2. Mmmm pasta. It's so hard to find pasta at a restaurant that isn't a) over cooked and soggy b) boring or c) rubbery as f*ck! That tagliatelle just looks divine. Mr W and I are yet to try Jamie's but I think we'll have to take it into consideration for our next date night :)

  3. Wow! The pasta here looks absolutely incredible. This place sounds like a gem, and lucky girl to be invited to test out the food!

    rae of love from berlin

  4. All the food looks so delicious!! Also you look lovely xx

    Abi |

  5. Wow that's such an amazing venue, so gorgeous! The food sounds amazing, definitely on my list of places to try!

    Anoushka Probyn - A London Fashion Blog

  6. I loove it! And as I am italian I can say that's really good quality! :D
    x you also look lovely ! x


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