The Lazy Girl's Guide to Keeping Motivated and Losing Weight

Trying to lose weight around this time of year is the worst, as soon as it gets to November the party food comes out, tiny mince pies are everywhere and suddenly every other advert is an M&S one making everything look so damn tasty. But still, I'm putting in the effort and trying to lose some weight to get a head start on the standard January health kick.

But, motivation isn't great seeing as all I want to do is eat cake and drink mulled wine curled up on the settee watching nonsense on TV. There are three things I do to keep myself motivated, they're a bit silly but they help me to make better progress.

Update your Workout Wardrobe

This is a very materialistic motivation but it really works to get me back in the gym, for some reason new workout gear makes me want to wear it as soon as possible. It makes me want to put all my new things on and head to the gym, silly but it works!

My most recent addition is this Sweaty Betty Athlete Workout vest which I picked up in the brand new Sweaty Betty concession in Selfridges Exchange Square in Manchester. This will be my Monday motivation!

Remember to Treat Yourself

If you don't let yourself have a little treat every now and then, you'll probably end up eating an entire Christmas pudding or gorging on dinner out at the first chance. I treat myself to healthy but yummy snacks a couple of times a day to keep myself on track.

If you opt for snacks that are packed with vitamins with low calorie content, then it's all good. I love Nakd bars for sweet treats and Get More Vitamin drinks (especially the Vitamin D drink around this time of year!) for a low sugar, low calorie alternative to fizzy drinks.

Book Into Fitness Classes

The easiest way to lose weight and to get healthy is to stick to a plan, I find booking into classes in the morning make me so much more likely to leave work on time, head to the gym and workout. If I just say to myself I'll go to the gym later, I'll probably end up working late and not getting home in time to go to the gym so having a class to look forward to really helps!

It also means that you do a full hour of non-stop exercise without the option of being able to give up and leave half way through your workout.

So if you're trying to lose weight and get healthy but would always rather do anything else but exercise, remember these three little things to keep you motivated.


  1. This is great - however I can't afford the gym and am struggling with motivation to get myself out running or exercising. Its so difficult when you don't feel like you're wasting money if you don't go! x

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