Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Review: Jurlique Nutri-Define Multi-Correcting Day Cream

Oh winter, why must you take out your anger on my face? The weather is making my skin so confused, one moment it's dry, the next it's as oily as an oily thing. To combat this I've been trying out a few new products to see if they can make a difference, I'll be posting about the ones that have made a difference (hallelujah!) in the next couple of weeks.

First up is Jurlique's Nutri Define Multi-Correcting Day Cream, finally a moisturiser that I can actually feel working! It instantly absorbs into the skin, plumping and smoothing out all the lumps and bumps.

It is jam packed with nourishing ingredients including rapeseed, a powerful anti-oxidant with essential fatty acids which works to bring the glow back to your skin after winter has had its wicked way.

The cream itself is quite rich, but perfect for this time of year, it retains moisture amazingly well. I probably wouldn't use it in warmer months though as, with my skin type, I imagine it would feel a little too rich.  But it has been my skin saviour this winter!

It comes with a little tiny spatula for you to scoop out a pearl size amount, rub between your hands and massage onto your face. I tend to skip the spatula and go straight for the face as the tiny spoon like tool is a bit odd for me!

I'd recommend this to anyone who is suffering from dry skin that is in desperate need of a moisture boost during the winter months. It also has great anti-ageing properties (something I'm actually starting to take notice of now I've turned 26, sigh) as it plumps and smoothes your skin.

This Jurlique day cream is available on Lookfantastic and Beauty Expert if you fancy taking a look!

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