An Afternoon with RMK in Selfridges

Last week I was invited to spend the afternoon with RMK at Selfridges in Manchester to try out the new range and generally be completely spoiled when I should have been in the office, naughty. I booked a cheeky afternoon off, headed into Manchester and prepared myself for a little pampering.

I was introduced to the lovely Lucy who was going to be making me over, I thought she'd probably spend about half an hour touching up my make up and showing me the new range but no, she went all out! She spent a good half an hour removing my make up, cleansing my face (you can see my foaming cleanser beard here...) and generally giving my skin a new lease of life. It was literally like I'd had a skin transplant (sorry that was gross), my skin was so soft and was a blank canvas ready to be painted!

Now, this a warning, you are about to see my naked face... Turn away now if you have a nervous disposition.

Have you ever sat completely make up free in the middle of Selfridges? It's definitely an odd feeling. But this was my blank canvas and we need to start at the beginning now don't we.

Because of the yellow undertones in my skin, Lucy found my perfect match with the new RMK Creamy Foundation in 102. This foundation is designed to be applied with your fingers rather than a brush so you end up with natural looking coverage. Lucy also showed me the correct way to apply the foundation; first you pat on the foundation which fills in any pores, then blend it in over your face.

You can see how flawless my skin looked afterwards, I was so impressed with the foundation that it's become a firm fixture in my make up routine. It has even usurped my beloved Hello Flawless Benefit foundation so it has to be good!

After the foundation base was applied, she used powder to set everything then added a little colour to my cheeks with the new RMK Christmas blush palette. The sparkles and metallic flecks reflect the snowy Manhattan skyline that inspired the collection, just looking at the palettes made me want to go straight to Central Park!

Instead of my standard black eyeliner and gel eyeliner combo, Lucy opened my eyes (I'm hilarious) to something different with the Christmas eyeshadow palette. The palette contains four different shadows ranging from sparkling silver to bronze, that you can build up to create a perfect, festive smokey eye. Dream.

Just take a look at my Instagram snap after my makeover to see the full extent of the magic RMK mascara, they are my real life eyelashes, honest. How perfectly does it match my new David Emanuel top too? I feel so bloody festive right now!

Speaking of festive, I genuinely just saw the Coke advert, ate mince pies, drank mulled wine and watched Love Actually last night. Don't act like you're not impressed.


  1. I've sat in Selfridges make up free, that stark lighting is evil!!! I swear by RMK powder soap and cleanser, but this make up looks fab. I'll have to take a look when I'm next in Selfridges :)


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