Go With the Flow

Our recent holiday to Italy was all about going with the flow, we decided that we'd have a couple of days exploring Milan and then head to the beautiful Lake Orta for a week. Nothing was concrete apart from where we were going so we had the pleasure of doing exactly what we wanted whether it was heading to the Navigli district in Milan for aperitivo, climbing a mountain or reading a book with a glass of prosecco in hand. 

We wanted to completely switch off from work to reboot our brains for our return so relaxation was key. Lake Orta was so beautiful and tranquil, it was easy to lose ourselves in the view and completely escape (bar a few work emails...). I made sure I was packed for extreme relaxation with my new floral mule slippers thanks to Bedroom Athletics, they were easily the best thing! So warm, comfy and pretty, perfect for pottering around the apartment and keeping my feet warm whilst enjoying breakfast on the balcony. I'm even wearing them as I write this curled up on the sofa at home! Paired with my oversized Go With The Flow sweatshirt from 304# Clothing, I was in comfort heaven.

What are your favourite comforting pieces to wear this season?


  1. Lovely post, thanks for sharing! <3



  2. Such pretty photos! And I'm so jealous that you went to Italy! :)

  3. Gorgeous photos - the lake looks beautiful.

    A cosy jumper is high on my list at the moment, especially those with the soft fluffy lining.

    Em | Hmm Maybe...

  4. Oh wow, it looks so pretty, and seems like the perfect place to relax! Oversized jumpers and fuzzy slippers are also some of my favourite things to wear this time of the year! x
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