Pink and Lace at London Fashion Week

After a very long and tiring London Fashion Week, I'm home and settled wearing my favourite oversized sweatshirt poring over my hundreds of photos from the long weekend, absolute bliss.

It's been about five years since my first season at London Fashion Week (see my first outfit on Refinery29 here!) so my outfits have got more and more practical over the years so they tend to be far from street style worthy, sensible(ish) shoes and definitely comfortable. This was my outfit for the third day, I opted for layering a pink swing dress from Missguided layered with my favourite black lace dress from Three Floor. I kind of love the effect of wearing the two at the same time with the little peek of lace underneath!

Statement jewellery is really not my thing so I opted for subtle, but luxurious pieces including my new Diamond Essentials bracelet that was given to me by the lovely girls at Links of London.

I'm also finally happy with my hair! I got fed up of growing out my fringe and cut my full fringe back in, I'm so much happier with my big helmet of hair back!

Time to get back to real life, work and celebrating The Man's birthday this weekend at The French in Manchester, cannot wait!


  1. This is gorgeous Clare! I love the idea of layering the two dreses up so you have a peek of lace underneath that fab pastel pink. Great look! :) xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion

  2. Your hair looks ace Tweet, you look all grown up!

    Buckets & Spades

  3. You look lovely, the layering is on point!


  4. Love the dress and the fact you've layered them. Great idea!

    Katrina Sophia


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