Sunday, 7 September 2014

Lots of Love

I'm not usually one for sharing my feelings and personal life on my blog, this is more my place for talking about somewhere I've been or something I've bought!

But inspired by La Redoute's Language of Love campaign and with the excuse of this being my mum's birthday, I thought it was the perfect time to do a bit of a schmaltzy post.

Over the years my Mother has been my best friend, she's taught me so much and has looked after me when I've needed it. Even now if I have the slightest signs of a cold, she still offers to come and pick me up from work!

She is loving, caring and besotted with our family, from the newest additions of my nieces Ruby and Rosie (as well as my sister of course) to my Nan, Auntie and cousins. She always puts us first before her own needs and always, without fail, has cake. She knows more about new music than I ever will and is the best festival companion, I can't wait for our eighth year at Latitude festival next year!

Happy birthday to my lovely mum, the best anyone could hope for.



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Lots of love,
Tweet xx

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