Pretty in Pink

Dress c/o French Connection, Lipstick from Essence

I'm slowly building up my Summer wardrobe in preparation for when the Manchester rain decides to stop and give us all a chance to get some much needed sunshine, I definitely shouldn't be the same colour as my new party dress!

Today is all about the bake sale I've organised at work to help fund raise for The Man's 100km charity walk in a couple of weeks. I've spent the last couple of evening baking my little heart out until the wee hours making blondies, rocky road and sausage rolls, head over to my Instagram if you fancy a cheeky look at what baking I've been up to!

If anyone is in Brighton on the weekend of the 25th and fancies meeting up, let me know as I'll be on support duty for the 100km walk and may need some entertaining!


  1. Pretty in pink is exactly what you are! I live on the east coast and it's been so miserable here with storms and even floods. Apparantly we're getting the back end of a tsunami in Japan, which is crazy! Hopefully we get some sun soon! I'm also now hungry for cake! Mmm <3

    xx Hayley-Eszti

  2. I love this look. so pretty :)

  3. You're off to Brighton again ahh, my fav. Ready for summer, better hurry, it will be gone soon!

    Buckets & Spades

  4. Your dress is very cute, it reminds me a little of flapper dresses, or at least that era. I hope your bake sale went well.
    Rubi | The Den


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