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Dress from Florence and Fred, shoes from Stylist Pick

This weekend has been an odd one, from filming the new TV advert with Boohoo on Friday in Manchester/NYC (you might just see my arm in it somewhere!) to being woken up at ungodly hours by The Man as he left to walk a ridiculously long way. Somewhere in between I met up with my friend Naomi for a catch up, too much food and too many cocktails, I was planning to wear this checked dress but we decided to start a little earlier which meant this was substituted for jeans and a top! I still wanted to show it off though, not only is it a pretty nice dress, it fits me like a glove and was only £5 from Tesco, win!

I need to get planning my outfits for Latitude Festival too, it's only a couple of weeks away now! So if you have any suggestions, please let me know, I always end up wearing something wholly unsuitable like leather skirts and wedges... Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!


  1. 5 squidly diddlys whoa there, that's impressive. You look great Clare.

  2. Such a bargain! You look great, glad you had a good weekend! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  3. Love that it was only five pounds! Wish we had such cheap bargains in America! Looks great on ya!
    Luke Meagher

  4. Love the shape and fabric of this dress! And your makeup compliments the look perfectly (:

    xo, Britnee
    The Model Cachet

  5. Oh Clare <3 you are so effortlessly gorgeous!

    Eve & Faye x
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