Mondrian and His Studios Exhibition at Tate Liverpool

I rarely ever venture to Liverpool but last week I went twice, one to get a little bit messy with a good friend and another to visit Tate Liverpool to see the new Mondrian Exhibition.

Mondrian has always had a place in my heart, his classic work is so simple but so beautiful at the same time. I remember studying it in Art during high school and everyone recreating the classic black lines and colour blocks, nothing could ever match the real thing though.

This exhibition takes you a step closer into Mondrian and his work, they have even recreated his studio with the space so you can literally step into his workshop. It focuses on the paintings and how his surroundings affected his work, from his studio in Amsterdam to Paris and everywhere in between.

My favourite part of the exhibition was hidden at the back, line drawings in ink and graphite, no larger than A3. Beautifully detailed, strikingly simple and a complete contrast to his colour blocks.

If you're in Liverpool between now and October, I'd really recommend taking a look at the exhibition. Plus, if you go on a sunny day, the docks looks beautiful. Perfect excuse for a cheeky drink in the sun!

For more information, take a look at the Tate website here.


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  2. I do love the Tate Liverpool
    Might have to pop down x


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