All You Need to Know About Exfoliating

After my last beauty post about how to get brighter skin, I mentioned exfoliating so much that I thought I'd dedicate a post to it! I wanted to share how to make sure you're exfoliating correctly, what products to use and quick fixes to getting your skin super soft.

So, let's get started, what exactly is exfoliation and why do we do it?

Exfoliating is a way of removing dead skin cells to make way for the fresh, new skin hiding underneath. It's amazing in Summer as it will instantly lift your skin and give you brighter, softer and smoother skin, perfect for boosting your confidence before you squeeze into your bikini! It's even better as part of your facial skincare routine as it will lift away the daily build up of dead skin cells and everyday grime, making sure your pores are perfectly clean and have no trace of make up.

Exfoliating is party of my daily skincare routine, but it's important that you find what is right for your skin; once a week could be enough for you, or you might find a cream exfoliator works better than a gel one, it's all about experimenting!

For your face, start out with a soft exfoliating gel or cream cleanser and use it every other day for a week or so. If you find that it's not enough, increase the amount of days you use it, if it's too much just use it once of twice a week.

What exfoliating products should I use?

I use Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Scrub (you can get it here or in most supermarkets) every morning, I've found that it works best for my skin after trying a lot of different ones! 

In the past I've used St Ives Apricot scrub (which you can get here) but the scrub is a little harsh for using every day, I'd definitely recommend it for using a couple of times a week though.

If you're in need of a thorough exfoliation to kick start your skin, you can invest in an exfoliating glycolic skin peel (you can find more info here) which is a little pricey at £80 but for a one off treatment you can reduce fine lines, skin spots, acne scars and blemishes. Not too bad right?

For your body, I find exfoliating gloves are the easiest and most thorough way of exfoliating, if you pair it with a moisturising body wash then you can moisturise as you exfoliate, win! Exfoliate in circles to stimulate blood flow. I usually do this after a long session at the gym (and steam room...) in the shower when I get home, then my pores are open and my muscles benefit from the increased blood flow from the movement. Make sure you moisturise afterwards too for even softer skin.

Don't forget your lips too, they're skin that needs exfoliating too! Try my coconut sugar scrub recipe (which can be used for your body, face and lips) or try Bliss Fabulips.

What if I have sensitive skin?

Exfoliating is tricky when you have sensitive skin or mild eczema, you have to be really careful to find the right level of exfoliation for you. Start as soft as possible and work your way up to find the perfect level, if you notice any skin irritation stop immediately and make sure to keep your skin moisturised well until it has calmed down, then switch to a softer exfoliator. Use sensitive skin cream wash or aqueous cream (try this one) to exfoliate with too, that will soothe any irritation.

Well, that was my (not so) little exfoliating 101, I hope it helps you to find the best skincare routine for you. If you have any skincare tips, let me know in the comments below, I'd love to hear them!


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