Tweet Eats: Beef & Pudding, Manchester

The Man and I decided to spend our Bank Holiday Monday eating indulgent food and pottering around Manchester, one of the best ways to spend a day off I'm sure you'll agree!

We opted for new restaurant Beef & Pudding, it had been highly recommended to us for their rather huge portions and plenty of meat, we definitely weren't disappointed on that front, that's for sure.

It was pretty quiet as it was early in the day so we bagged ourselves a booth (perfect for people watching and being able to see everything that was going on) and started to peruse the menu. There is so many things on it, we struggled to make a decision as everything sounded kind of amazing, think towers of burgers and dripping pig ribs... This one is not for veggies!

To start I went for the Bread Oven Duck Spring Rolls with Vimto plum glaze (pictured below), pretty much just because I wanted to try the Vimto glaze! They were smaller than I expected but actually were the perfect size, I would recommend them but the Vimto glaze might be a bit too sweet for some. The Man had Black Pudding and Pig's Cheek to start, which was good but seemed to be very heavy on the black pudding, I'm not sure they have the balance quite right.

For the main event, I went for Old Spot Pork Belly (because I'm a fatty) with chips instead of mash (because I'm picky...) which was very tasty, I could totally eat it again right now. I only had about four chips though as everything else was so filling! The Man opted for the classic 'The Pudding' which is a suet pudding with vension, mash and gravy hiding underneath it. It looked great but the suet pudding wasn't quite for me, it's was very squishy and not particularly flavourful, but the venison was cooked well and tasted lovely.

It's by no means refined dining, it's pretty much just nice pub food. It's not particularly amazing food, but there's been a lot of effort to create a very Manchester-centric menu and is definitely worth a trip. It's pretty reasonably priced too, it was about £30 each for starers, mains and drinks. 

If there's only two of you, don't get the bread basket, there's so much bread in there! It's good that they're so generous but hungry people like us will fill be up before the main even arrives. It was rather lovely though... I wish I'd taken it home in a doggy bag!

They have a range of menus, including brunch, kids and an express menu for those who are in a rush. It's feels like they're trying to be a lot of things when they should really just be confident in what they are, a perfectly acceptable pub with a slightly fancier interior. Which isn't a bad thing at all, we're already thinking about going back to try out some lighter options.

To find out more and to take a look at their menu, visit their site here. It's just across from Manchester Art Gallery so it's nice and easy to find, at 37 Booth Street. 


  1. Looks pretty good and i like the menu. Decent range of stuff by the sounds of it. £30 per person sounds a bit steep though to me?

    Buckets & Spades

  2. Looks and sounds delicious! But it looks like glorified pub food so £30 each sounds a bit steep. Looks lovely there though! x

    Hannas’ UK Beauty | Lifestyle blog @ hannatalks

  3. Looks yummy, I like the fact that they have an express menu.

  4. How have I only just found your blog! I'm from Manchester too so your restaurant reviews are exciting me a lot!

  5. feeling full reading this! the front reminds me of Meat Liqour in London, heard of it?

    Katrina Sophia Blog


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