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I’ve always been an advocate of correctly fitting bras, I’m passionate about it, sometimes to the point of slight aggression… I even have a bra fitting qualification and at any possible moment, tell people (generally women) that they should invest in their bras and underwear.

Did you know that they average woman only spend £88 a year on underwear? I can easily spend that in one silly trip to Topshop, but it would be so much better invested into pieces of ‘scaffolding’ that can make the clothes you already own look amazing.

I remember the first time I was fitted properly for a bra, it literally felt like it had transformed me. It looked like I’d gone down two dress sizes and my boobs had never looked better, my waist was accentuated and my hips looked balanced, it was a revelation!

Since then, I’ve never looked back, I’ve been a spokesperson for correctly fitting underwear ever since!

That’s why this little promo video from Triumph resonated with me, it seems like something I would do! I’m such an odd (curvy…) shape that it’s hard to find clothes that fit perfectly and that I’m happy with in photos if they ever emerge. That’s why it’s taken me so long to build up confidence to do outfit posts on a regular basis, now I’m a little bit happier with my body and comfortablet with making The Man take photos of me, it’s all a little bit easier!

Take a look at this little video and see if it resonates with you! Do you stand up for the perfect fit? Share your stories on twitter with the hashtag #standupforfit and join in the conversation!

Sponsored by Triumph. 


  1. £88 seems a lot to me! I reckon I spend about £20 on pants and that's it.

    Buckets & Spades

  2. Awww amazing! Seems like its worth the money :-) x


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