The Perfect Leather Slipper

Swoon. Look at these slippers, they're white leather, tassled perfection. I want to be their Cinderella. I've always been more of a heels kind of girl but recently I've been embracing the flats, I've opened my heart (and toes) to Grenson brogues and Nike Blazers, and frankly my feet have never been happier. My bank balance on the other hand...

I don't think I will ever leave the heels behind but my shoe collection is definitely going to be welcoming a lot more flats in the future, starting with these Karen Millen beauties.What side are you on, heels or flats?

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  1. I love flats a lot more than heels! I recently decided I need to invest in more heels because whenever I need a pair I have a hard time finding them. These flats are really cute and look comfortable as well. - Jonesy (

  2. These are so perfect! I've actually been moving more towards flats lately...

  3. I have never had a pure white flats before, but this one looks very beautiful! I would love to purchase it for my next birthday :) xx

  4. I am all for flats but I have a lot of high heels for night outs. Loving this one, I have a love for tassels.

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  5. Nice! this is looking perfect and comfortable leather slipper.

  6. omg these are gorgeous! will look so good on with so many different looks! xxxx

    Laura | Tease Flutter Pout

  7. I was just browsing and came upon your blog - had to follow! Lovely blog with interesting posts :)

    Best Wishes x


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